Driven Too Far Podcast
Driven Too Far’s Origin Story

Thank you for joining me on the first of many we’ll have together. I am Andrew Winkler and even though I am an executive today, I have always kept drivers as the priority because that’s where my love for this industry began too; in my 20s, hauling across the country, and loving every part of the job. 

Today I wish more executives would be willing to get in the jumpseat and listen to the drivers because that’s the only way to create the real change this industry needs.  I know it works because I’ve done it my entire career, even taking 2 different carriers to win ‘Best in Fleets.’ 

Enjoy this short trailer that we put together for you.  I hope you see the connection that binds us all together, from dispatch to the cab, even the big man’s office on the top floor, this is the podcast where you’ll get the Truth about Trucking, every week.