Driven Too Far Podcast
84: Maximizing Profits Best Practices for Owner-Operators

Are you an owner-operator looking to maximize your profits? In this episode, we will provide you with the best practices to bring home more money. Joining Andrew is Mike Hosted from ATBS (American Truck Business Services) to break down the best practices for owner-operators. From understanding your costs to setting up a foolproof tax-saving strategy, this episode covers it all. Mike, with years of experience and expertise at ATBS, breaks down key aspects such as the importance of tracking maintenance costs and knowing your cost per mile. 


You will gain a deeper understanding of how to set up a profit plan, manage both fixed and variable costs, and effectively budget for long-term success. With a wealth of experience in financial management for lease and independent operators, ATBS offers strategic solutions to ensure your business thrives.  


So, whether you’re a seasoned owner-operator or just starting out in the trucking industry, this episode will provide valuable insights and resources to help you take your business to the next level.


Join the 20,000+ independent contractors that trust ATBS with their taxes, bookkeeping, and business success each year!


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