Driven Too Far Podcast
73: Understanding Lease Programs in Trucking

Are you curious about leasing a truck and becoming an independent contractor? On this episode of Driven Too Far, Andrew discusses the topic of leasing programs in the trucking industry. Whether you’re a seasoned driver contemplating the leap from company employee to independent contractor or someone just curious about the different facets of truck leasing, this episode covers it all. Andrew unravels what a leasing program entails, the stark differences between being a company driver versus a lease operator, and explores several leasing options available to drivers. 


From full-service leases akin to car leasing dynamics to the flexibility of walk-away leases and the potential ownership offered by lease purchase programs, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of each model. Andrew goes over the responsibilities and risks associated with becoming an independent contractor, including truck payments, maintenance, and various insurance requirements. 


Driven Too Far offers invaluable insights, seasoned advice, and real-world experiences to guide your decision. Tune in to dispel myths, understand the potential rewards and challenges, and perhaps embark on a new chapter in your trucking career with confidence and clarity.

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