Driven Too Far Podcast
72: Addressing Pricing Challenges in Trucking

Is your trucking carrier set up for success in the current market? On this episode of Driven Too Far, host Andrew Winkler gets behind the wheel of a highly relevant topic in the trucking industry: How do trucking pricing strategies impact driver compensation and overall industry profitability? Andrew gives you the differences between contract pricing and spot market pricing, shedding light on their direct influence on drivers’ earnings. Andrew breaks down the complex relationship between carriers and shippers, explaining how negotiated long-term agreements and the fluctuating demands of the spot market dictate the financial health of the trucking business. He outlines the components that make up contract pricing and illustrates how market volatility can significantly affect spot market pricing, subsequently influencing drivers’ paychecks.


Join Andrew for a deep dive into the truths of trucking, where understanding the fine print behind your paycheck could make all the difference in navigating your career in the trucking industry. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or new to the highway, Driven Too Far offers an invaluable perspective on the economics of trucking and how to stay ahead in this ever-changing field.

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