Driven Too Far Podcast
70: Preparing for a Market Flip in Trucking

Are you prepared to burn through cash during tough economic times? On this episode of Driven Too Far, Andrew talks about how to survive these economic downturns and stay afloat. Can you take cost cutting too far? You absolutely can and Andrew gives you the key expenses you can’t get rid of so your business survives. He emphasizes the importance of staying informed, leveraging industry-specific news sources like Transport Topics, and not relying on social media hearsay for insights into the economic health of the trucking industry. Andrew advocates for proactive measures such as analyzing routes and lanes, cutting non-critical expenses without compromising safety or operational integrity, and the necessity of building strong relationships with dispatch and maintenance teams. This episode provides a comprehensive guide for the trucking community, ensuring both seasoned veterans and newcomers are well-equipped to face market fluctuations head-on. 

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