Driven Too Far Podcast
67: The Truck Parking Dilemma

Are you always stressed on where to park your commercial truck? Join Andrew as he navigates the troubling waters of truck parking dilemmas facing over-the-road drivers daily. Uncover four essential tips to avoid parking pitfalls and secure your big rig safely as the sun sets on another highway horizon. Dive into advanced trip planning strategies, creating multiple parking options to ensure you never find yourself stranded. Learn how to leverage cutting-edge truck parking apps such as, transforming any driver’s smartphone into the ultimate co-pilot. 


Andrew reminisces about the indispensable resources of yesteryear and looks at how modern tools have revolutionized finding a place to park your commercial truck. Gain practical advice for home-based drivers on locating safe, secure, and surveilled parking spots near home. If you’re part of the heart and soul of the trucking community or just intrigued by the lives of those who keep our goods moving, this podcast is your ticket to understanding a vital aspect that rarely makes the headlines: where to park when the job is done. Don’t miss an episode — your next journey could depend on it.


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This podcast is produced by Two Brothers Creative 2024.